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Women Supporting Women

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Well I’m not sure if this is a subject that I was wanting to comment on ,but sometimes I feel having a Good social media platform can sometimes give you the opportunity to voice your opinion, And I do stress this is only my opinion hopefully it won’t be a debate ,but I shall say how I feel and being that all of my followers are female I feel it is quite appropriate.  As we all know the hot topic of debate at the present moment is WOMAN!!  Woman’s right women’s equality women’s safety and let’s put at the top...

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Beauty starts in your head not in your mirror.

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When  I hear the word fashion my eyes light up, it is with excitement and passion A feeling I use  to describe something that I have always loved. But Surprisingly this feeling is felt by fewer  woman then I thought, unfortunately the thought of having to buy something for a special event for something as simple as joining friends for lunch or a dinner can be so daunting to many and this is something I have to experience on a daily basis in the change rooms at work. It makes me so sad that women feel so intimidated and insecure...

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