We'll cover the basics for an everyday makeup look:


    1. Understanding your skin - getting your skincare right, which products work to 'feed' and heal your skin, so you glow inside and out.
    2. Using clean beauty products -  what products are right for your skin type.
    3. Your makeup base - learn why primer is important, how to choose a foundation colour & finish that's perfect for you and how to use your concealer effectively to cover up blemishes.
    4. Contouring and colour -  how to use highlighting & contouring products to accentuate your features, for natural, healthy looking skin and where to apply blush, what colours work for your skin tone.
    5. Applying eye makeup - simple tips for lifting and opening up your eyes, plus the best colours to make your eyes pop.
    6. Brows and lashes - filling in your brows to shape them and the best way to apply your mascara.
    7. Tools & tricks and so much more!


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