A Glamorous Christmas

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Well what a time to be launching colour number three , amidst the crazy Christmas season , well there doesn't  have to be a pacific time and place for anything in life actually, to be honest the more time spent thinking about the “right time “ is just perhaps putting of the invertible or missing the boat  completely or maybe it’s a sign your just not ready , what ever your reason in my mind just do it !!! Is there ever really the right time ??? So I’ve been working with the very talented Ruth from Reb Cosmetics and she is amazing I say I’m after this colour so it’s a bit of this but I needs a bit of that , but it’s not to be this shade not that one and I go on and on and she says yep “”” and  WALA it’s done she just gets it sooo

 My new colour is called “” GLAMOROUS “” why because at the risk of sounding over the top I still love to get up and get “ GLAMOROUS “ 

No not every day but I do love a good occasion to get them heels on and a fancy dress and get my hair done and put on my face it’s just me , 
But I also named it this because I wanted you to feel glam to , I feel it’s important to give our selves that extra 5 minutes you can call it “ self car self love , time out , me time what ever you like as long as you do it , we are worth it , life if so unpredictable don’t wait for your life to change before you do 
Live “” life “” love 
But most of all enjoy every minute. Blog by Anna 

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