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Well it’s not about fashion in a sense, more of a Reflection on the year that’s just passed ,and  what are year that was!! I pray we never see another one like this in my life time, an outbreak of a deadly pandemic which change the world from which we know and surprisingly changed fashion as we knew it I think the word loungewear was added to the Oxford dictionary along with many other words this year but the rest definitely not worth repeating LOL!
So much changed and so many of us changed with a very unknown time not knowing what to expect or what would happen all I can say is thank God we made it this far as well as we did I pray we never experience what many other countries around the world have just experienced,
So as we look forward to 2021 I don’t know if it’s with anticipation and excitement or dread wondering what it will bring I can only hope that the worst is over ,I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my beautiful followers for following all a fabulous fashion throughout the year for reading my blogs which I hope you find light-hearted and a little interesting there written from my heart mostly precious memories that I want to share with you all hopefully next year will be full of lots of exciting and new adventures not just for me but for everybody I wish you all a very happy New Year keep safe keep smiling and keep loving fashion ,
from me to you happy New Year let’s see 2021 in with positivity and love 
From your fashion Guru at tell me what to wear happy New Year🎉🎉🎉love and best wishes from you all ( bed room post) lockdown style 

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