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Todays outfit:

An old-school style in my day was called the "Pinafore'' simple straight through dress with a wide shoulder strap, originally from the term pinny as in apron. There's a bit of info for you, none of which you will need but all it does is show my age haha.

Denim can be dressed up but I love that it can look cool, on point and always trendy. I think its something all ages can pull off in some form or another. Denim has made a come back this season as it does quite frequently so always put it back in the wardrobe and wait for its return.

Then in five or ten years time when you pull it out again you can use the term vintage and it automatically turns into statement piece you can recycle and love once again.

Fashion is in my book a piece of clothing that makes you feel fabulous, didn't matter how old it is what price it costs its just the feeling you get when you put it on. Anna has teamed this outfit with REB Cosmetics Soft Nude Lipstick.

Todays outfit:

Denim pinafore from Big W $35.00

Say no more dress @BigW

See Shoes @bettsandbetts

Tank @allyfashion


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