Beauty starts in your head not in your mirror.

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When  I hear the word fashion my eyes light up, it is with excitement and passion A feeling I use  to describe something that I have always loved.
But Surprisingly this feeling is felt by fewer  woman then I thought, unfortunately the thought of having to buy something for a special event for something as simple as joining friends for lunch or a dinner can be so daunting to many and this is something I have to experience on a daily basis in the change rooms at work.
It makes me so sad that women feel so intimidated and insecure in their own skin ,every woman has their own story their own beauty their own strength, I only wish that they could see what I see.
Life does not define you buy your size nor  your beauty, my most important thing to you all is 
STOP Wasting precious moments of your life!!! not going places not seeing people ,not wanting to go out with your partner, husband children and friends all because you don’t like your body, clothes are an expression of who you are and I can see when you cover yourself in big baggy uncoordinated oversize clothing it’s because you were trying to hide away there unhappy self-conscious sad person hiding underneath ,when you start to love the person you are inside and out you’ll feel confident and happy to go to your wardrobe and put on whatever you like,
 don’t get me wrong there are days when  I think Oh my god this looks terrible ,why in earth did I wear this today but that is life ,what’s not acceptable is to waste precious time from being the real you.
If anyone is feeling insecure and need some help please pop in to either Zizu store or Mtm store where myself or the beautiful girls can always give you a hand at choosing something that suits you when you come in let us try and find the true you and help us bring your confidence back and start to  make you feel happy and confident person’
We know we can make you look good but it’s up to you to help make yourself feel good this week girls take the challenge step up and make yourself feel better you are a wonderful human being it’s time to make the most of your life, don’t waist another precious moment wishing you looked like someone else when the real you is 10 times better .
Anyone needing some help in this department please feel free to inbox me and tell me @tellmewhat2wear I’m happy to spend time with you in store to get some perfect outfits 

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