Choosing the right colour Lipstick to match

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Choosing the right colour Lipstick to match your hair or skin tone isn't as hard as you may think.

Sometimes you need to put the rule of thumb aside and just go with what works for you.

Firstly do you want your lippy to complement your outfit?? Or do you want it to be the statement that makes it pop?

Blending a subtle colour in nudes and soft pastels will complement and blend in easily with what you are wearing not taking away from your outfit but just finishing it off in a simple unassuming way, but if you want it to have that magic touch that completely makes your outfit rock then choose wisely.

A good tip is pick a colour in the outfit, one that stands out, one that pops, one that is bolder/brighter and will work to give you the desired effect.

A good Lipstick can work just as well as a great handbag or a fabulous pair of shoes.

But what if you only wear black I hear you ask??

Well my dear the world is your oyster, be bold, be brave, black has no limits, your power, the bold in a strong matte, and Smokey eye with nudes, in shades of pink and beige toning to make your eyes the feature.

Lipstick can be used in so many ways to emphasize or minimise your look.

Helpful hints: Baby Doll, Perfect Pink, Soft Nude, Soft Shine gives you a soft outline with enough warmth to give a natural lip look that works well with a smokey eye or as simple as a nice bronzer and lippy to give you that nice fresh face, glow and naturally unmade look that will take you anywhere with minimal effort.

Runway Pink, Coral Reef, Riski Red and Pink Envy are stand out in the crowd Lipsticks. They are the accessory to that wow factor outfit that pop and says I'm here, I'm noticed and ready for anything. It can take your outfit to another level.

This works best when you are willing to step outside the box.

Be bold, be brave, be you and try a great new colour from our REB Cosmetics range. Start suttle or bold, what will you Choose??

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