In Your Own Skin

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When you look in the mirror what do you see , I bet you anything it’s NOT what everyone else sees!!! We look at every lump every bump ,every wrinkle every line , the grey hair the mum belly the fat knees , big bums and the empty shell that carry’s that sad arse a round , why do we have to be so unhappy , why when we go out with our girlfriends do we feel so inadequate, I bet the minute you arrive with your girlfriends they all complement you on how good you look , how nice your hair is , I love your shoes. Yeah am I right and yet we sit there the whole time saying to ourselves why did I where this ! I don’t feel comfortable!! Everyone else looks so good and on and on we go !! 

Well this week I had so much fun I had an opportunity to do a photo shoot for something special that’s coming up I was looking forward to it because you know me any chance to put the hair and make up on and get dressed up but at the same time I kept thinking your not gonna look like those models in their size 6 clothes with there amazing jaw lines and sultry poses , 
But then I thought we’ll your not !!! Your a 52 year old woman whose a wife a mother a business woman so my body just represents me ,my size 16 mum jeans and tightly buttoned blazer that covers my stomach because I don't want to show my muffin top my wrinkles around my eyes which represent the years of my life , good bad or otherwise  so I stood back and went I’m me I’m hear I’m blessed isn’t that enough ?? It should be yet we still put so much pressure on ourselves, 
So next time we get dressed up and we meeting our friends look in the mirror and say 
I’m blessed , I’m here ,I’m happy 
And Evan better I’m off to spend time with my beautiful friends , the woman that love us support us and compliment us what more could I want ?
Stop waiting precious time and energy  wishing your days away start loving who you are and loving this precious life we have 
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