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Do you still have energy to look after you ??? 
As busy woman we constantly are in the loop ,that loop that just keeps going round and round between washing ,cleaning, family ,cooking ,working ,Shopping prioritising, everyone and then there’s you !where do you come in that list? 
Do you feel like a dag? Do you feel like you don’t know what to wear any more? Do you feel like it’s just too hard you don’t have the time nor the energy to even think about it?
Well I’m sure that most of us all fit into this category some way or another and I think it’s time we made a checklist and at the top of that checklist is  
Am I okay ?
as women I feel we put everybody first but I think it’s time that we put it into perspective 
We are just as important as everyone around us so let’s take a little time to give ourselves that recognition ,
it could be something as simple as sitting outside with a coffee in the sun just listening to the time go by even if it’s for as short as 10 minutes the world will not fall apart ,or if it’s walking around the block or catching up with a friend for coffee or picking up the phone and saying to your best friend are you okay ?or more importantly making that Drs appointment we’ve been put of for what ever reason we can find ,things that sometimes we find we don’t have time for,
I also think it’s really important to start your day in a good frame of mind ,
Now ! don’t get me wrong I don’t want this to sound vain or materialistic, but give yourself 10 minutes in the morning throw on a light mineral powder a great mascara depending on your mood a bold lippy or just a subtle gloss this very simple task will Bring back the old you ,wash the hair flip it up in a bun or scrunch it up  into curls , you owe that much to yourself, 
and when you start your day by meeting the people around you either at school at work at the shops just smile or complement each other ,women supporting women is one of the kindest things you can do ,nobody knows what we hide behind or what hurts we harbour in our day-to-day lives so the nicest thing you can do is be kind ,
But first be kind to you😘😘

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