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Well it’s been a very eventful month ,with lots of new and exciting times ahead and new opportunities presenting themselves but I must say the most overwhelming and unexpected one of them all was being nominated for the quiet achiever award for SA woman in business award.
Well that my friends truly blew me away I really didn’t understand why I would be nominated for this in anyway but when I told you all about it the flood of responses had me stopped in my tracks. When I sat back and read what you had written to me I don’t think I truly understood the impact and the role that I have on my social media platform, what was meant to be a fun easy-going place to look at the latest fashion ideas has turned into something so much more, being able to support you guys and hopefully make you women feel so much more better about yourself has been a truly awakening moment I took for granted the fact that we just get up and get dressed and carry on our merry way not realising that most mornings to some of my beautiful followers this is a traumatic experience ,your body image has overshadowed your life in so many ways the thought of how we look and others perceive us at two different worlds apart. I cannot count on one hand the amount of times women have now come in and told me you have actually changed my life this still leaves me in disarray , but for so many different reasons whether you have gained weight lost weight had children changed your body shape for what ever reason 
, or you’ve got older I just don’t know what to wear  the whole idea of just being comfortable in your own skin is such a journey 
I just wish that for all of you no matter whether you are size 4 or a size 24 I just want you to be happy I just want you to be able to wear what you want and believe me you can ,we are our own worst enemy we are the ones that think we don’t look good and we are the ones that judge ourselves every day of the week ,but let me tell you something for every moment wasted on what we think we look like it is time taken away from our precious life is time taken away from enjoying things we stop our selves doing,  start living and enjoying every moment we’ve been given ,your beauty your image and your personality are measured on what we do and say not on how we look ,take a moment to stop and reflect on where you are and what is important, but I can tell you right now the importance does not lye in looking like a size 6 it is so much deeper drop the size tag step up and own your happiness in front of you ,not in what you see in front of the mirror
Because the mirror doesn't see in side your soul By Anna Martino

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