Mother's Day Tribute

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A tribute to my beautiful mother auntie and grandmother , 
A very special tribute to ,three very special women , three women that have left me with amazing memories, A passion for fashion ,a love of all things beautiful and most of all a broken heart, 
For those of you who don’t know me my Mum and beautiful Auntie were killed in a tragic car accident when I was 14 ,
Life as I knew it would never be the same, 
One step at a time I would learn so much in such a small time firstly the overwhelming strength and compassion from my beautiful  Grandmother , of whom had lost her only two precious daughters in one tragic night , her strength ,encouragement ,love and understanding is what got me here today ,a woman that overcome so many hard aches and tragedies in her life was the one person that pushed me and told me there will always be someone worse off than ourselves  and I thought, after everything she lost could that be at all possible, ? 
She would always look after everybody she was a lot older when she had her two daughters and her ageing years looking after her frail husband  and her very ill sister at home  she kept dealing with loss in such a strong stoic  way.
I can remember my grandmother wanting to clean out my auntie‘s wardrobe after she died well let me tell you I know where I got my passion for clothing between my Mum my Grandmother  and my Auntie an abundance of shoes clothes bags enough to fill a small store , my Grandmother  called over a young lady that lived across the road who had a handful of small children and nothing else this lady wasn’t quite well mentally, she called her into my auntie‘s room and asked her to pick out whatever she wished I remember seeing the ladies face it must’ve been like Christmas for her and each day when she would wear something new from my auntie‘s wardrobe she would stand at my Nannas kitchen window (where my nan found solace in cooking and baking and boy was she good at it ,) on her way to the shops and just give my grandmother a Wave and show off her new looks, Sometimes I would see my grandmother hastily  run off to the bedroom, with tears rolling down her cheeks but never wanting to upset us kids she would return shortly after ,back to her kitchen where she would be making fresh scones and packing up beautiful baskets also pickles and jams and anything else she could make from her beautiful garden and then she would call me and say Anna can you just pop this across the road and leave it at that ladies door but if anyone asks you , you don’t know who left it 
these are the beautiful kind acts of generosity that my Grandmother  would show so many many times to so many many people and never tell a soul who they were from ,
I know my mum and auntie would’ve been exactly the same unfortunately they weren’t around long enough for me to see the full extent but they definitely left me with some beautiful memories ,
So in a tribute to them what better way to launch my product than  on Mother’s Day 
It’s called 1911 The year my grandmother was born in the year this all started from her Beautifully groomed 1930s race day outfits until the day she died ,she passed on her attributes to her two daughters who would sew us new outfits on a Saturday afternoon ,spending precious time sewing ,dressing up and loving life where just some of the beautiful memories  ,
so the colour I have released is called Patricia after my beautiful mum one of the colours i always remember her wearing
My new brand label 1911 will have lots of dimensions to it I hope you will like them 
So Nanna , Mum and Auntie Ray thank you 
I know you were not here long enough but you left us a life time of beautiful memories 
And Happy Mother’s Day 
I miss you all  😘

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