Nanna's Wardrobe

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Nannas wardrobe 

Can you remember the first time fashion made an impact on you ? or anything else for that matter that just made you stand up and go that's for me !!! 

From the youngest of age I would say as young as four! I can vividly remember sitting on the edge of my grandmother's bed with all her soft quilts and a very modern chenille bedspread steering up into what seemed an endless display of what I would call a fashion lovers paradise.

 A 1970,s brand new built in WARDROBE , starting at the top which was probably my favourite shelf  hat boxes of all colours, that where neatly lined up to the ceiling ,then rows of colour coordinated  matching long line coats with  matching dresses in all sorts of beautiful colours and fabrics  blending effortlessly into one then descending into an  array of neatly organised rows of  size 6 shoes. 

And  there in the dimly lit corner from floor to ceiling at one end was  the pinnacle of all pieces, the perfectly matched selection of handbags that would take any one of these amazing outfits from an 8 to an instant 10.

And there on her beautiful Queen Anne dressing table, where two antique crystal bowls with intricate wooden lids, one filled with different length strands of pearls ,another filled with decorative brooches, the  draws were lined  with  beautiful silk scarves ,many of which I still have and still wear with joy and pride today ,silk stockings and rows of beautiful gloves , both of which in my grandmothers book where  a must.

 My Grandmother would get dressed early on a Sunday morning for church in what would be called her Sunday best ,a full corset mind you was another accessory she never left home with out and as she was nearing the final touches of her amazing outfits she would always say to me would you like to pick a broach or an accessor for me today ? my eyes would light up at all that sparkled and shone in front of me, sometimes it was the gloves or the scarf but she always asked my opinion ,it's not till think back now to  how much this impacted on me that I get a true understanding of where  my passion came from .I can still remember the smell of  her perfume as it waves over me like a warm blanket or a soft hug , it still feels as special to me today as it did so many years ago.

As she would pick the perfect bag to finally complement her perfect  outfit, she always carried three things , first and foremost a fresh handkerchief, a must, a barley sugar, a treat, but always extras   when I was with her and a lipstick to always make sure you looked your best .

So that was the perfect end to my perfect story about a perfect woman my Grandmother.

A  true fashion icon of her time along with my beautiful mother the two of whom taught me the love and appreciation that i have for  fashion today

A  Special tribute to My beautiful  Nan (1911)

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