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For those of you who follow my blogs you would know by now that mainly I write about fashion ,how it’s inspires me and how it’s got me to where I am today but included in that are also my other passions , like cosmetics accessories Shoes , bags jewellery you name it 
anything girly girly , that's me.
But how do we get to this place ?what inspires us ?what gets us to do our thing and be good at what we do ?so many people have hidden talents and quietly go about what they do without anyone knowing and that’s what brings me to this point .someone who absolutely has a passion that means so much to them ,it was founded from her time of need which also means it must be important ,it was founded because at the time there was nothing in the market that she could find that was what she needed and within a normal price range to assist her and what she was looking for ,so while she sat quietly and helped to son recuperate she put all her time and effort into building an amazing brand  , that Brand now Has come out of the shadows and is very well known not just in Adelaide and Australia but also gets posted overseas to our wide range of beautiful clients ,this brand is also something I am very passionate about 
And that brand is called “Reb Cosmetics “and now that it has such a big following and its clients are loving it , well it only seems right to be opening the doors so that you can all come and see it , test it feel it ,be made up in it and love it as much as we do ,it’s time to come out of the shadows ,Ruth the long hard years of constant work getting your product to be just perfect has definitely paid off the women that Bye it ,love it is a true testament to you and the hours upon hours that you have put in  to achieve these beautiful natural mineral cosmetics that are made right here in Adelaide .Now this Saturday in fact the doors will be open to the public ,we have listened to you all and know how much you want to see the product instead of only being online , 
We’ll know you can 
Congratulations Ruth it’s time to shine your beautiful display of cosmetics cleaners ,toners  moisturises brushes and so much more will be on display for all your beautiful clients to see when you open the doors this weekend, 
I meet you 10 years ago who would ever have thought this is where it would take us 
I wish you all the luck in the world on this new adventure 
I know it will be amazing because you believe in it and you are passionate about it from the bottom of my heart 
Good luck gorgeous girl  can’t wait 

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