Saturday sewing sessions.

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Saturday sewing sessions
Snow is falling gently passed the window outside ,
The glow of the fire against the shiny black fire place gave a beautiful warm feeling to our big
old lounge room ,

Mum and Aunty would be sitting in the dining room at our great big round table, copies of the
Australian ,woman's weekly would be spread out open on the fashion pages ,with the latest
celebrity looks,
my Auntie Raylyn would be drawing up patterns in miniature sizes for us girls, and soon she
would be calling us every 10 minutes to come and try on what she had already stitched together
so she could tailor them to perfections.
Now at the young age of Ten we would rather sit and watch our favourite cartoons and being
interrupted every 10 minutes got so annoying, but I tell you what I would give right now to have
that precious time would be priceless .
So if you have been following my blogs up until now you would see that I have been surrounded
by woman who loved fashion and loved passing on there talent in dress making and designing,
beautiful new pieces and always giving us something new to wear to church on Sunday.
The eighties was the prime of my wardrobe highlights, those of you who are my age would
remember clearly the influence of the late Lady Dianna ,well I can tell you with her presences
gracing the covers of almost every addition I had plenty to pick from ,the great big puffy sleeves
,the high neck ruffle neck shirts all of them lined up in my wardrobe , handmade by my beautiful
Mum and Auntie.
Its funny I can remember times like this as if was yesterday ,between Mum and Aunties endless
cups of coffee as they worked endlessly as if they had a deadline to meet , paper patterns all
over the table, pin cushions and scissors, tape measures and spools of cotton in every colour
under the sun, the iron hot and ready to press the last seem perfectly ,then by four o'clock the
final stitch was stitched and the last seem pressed the coffee turned into wine and the newest
addition of this weeks woman's weekly had come to life ,
A latest creation, especially for us
Designed with passion
Made with love
Forever a memory ,thanks Mum and Aunty Raylyn for the beautiful Saturday afternoon

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