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So as you all know I have just had Christmas holidays my favourite place is always the beach and it took me back to when we were young in the summer  wearing our favourite latest outfits, and what made me remember that was an ad on TV I had no idea that Terry towelling jumpsuits were back in fashion!! I can remember them clearly ,my sisters was read Terry towelling with the white stripes around the edge and the stripe down the side it was so cool but hers was my favourite colour , mine was yellow with the white stripe I so wanted hers, 
but anyway I can remember we thought we looked so cool we must’ve been about seven or 8 at the time such as 70s outfit but they are right back on trend in 2021, I wish I could find a photo ,
 Of course Mum and Aunty had made them specially for us for Christmas, we thought we where so cool and I guess back in the day we were
, fashion changes it always comes back with a new twist (reinvented) relabelled and ready for the next generation to wear and just like us they’ll think they look cool until they look back 30 years later and think ( what was I wearing )🙌 
Rainbow Shades gelati colours those beautiful pastels all combined also the vibrant purples hot pink’s and oranges what a display of colour , but REB Cosmetics you’re right on point because your latest look lipsticks I just the soft beautiful pastels to the vibrant oranges such as coal reef and your vibrant Pink envy there’s perfect pops of colour to finish off that statement outfit or just to absolutely brighten your day ,
 when you finish reading my blog jump onto the beautiful webs lipstick range right above and pick out something special just for yourself today thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog guys I’ll see what I have in store for you next time 
Much love Anna (TMWTW ) 💋

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