What is Christmas Eve?

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What’s Christmas Eve? Mum and Aunty of course has made their famous egg nog, theirs with extra whisky and ours with none but it tastes just as good. The Christmas tree was lit up in all it’s amazing colours and underneath it presents for everyone. Christmas music on the radio, chocolate coated almonds in a bowl, a special treat always for Christmas. Back then these were a luxury. Special decorations around the fireplace, stockings hung with precious gifts, mum in the kitchen preparing last minute dishes always perfect for Christmas Day. The table would be set as if the queen would be coming to dinner, everything in it’s place and everyone has their seat. Such a simple tradition but one that is still loved and treasured to this day. Sharing such a special day with your beautiful family is something very important to me, it’s something I will do for my family for as long as I can. Beautiful family memories are unfortunately the only thing we are able to keep forever. For those who no longer sit at our table, this Christmas and every other is in honour of you. In loving memory of the beautiful people we miss. Merry Christmas and God bless. 

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