Who the bloody hell are we???

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Who the bloody hell are we ???
“to photo shop or not “
is the question??? 
In the new age of the social media world that we live in ,photo shopping and airbrushing has just become part of the norm ! yeah okay I get it, I mean I’m guilty I put a nice bright light filter on my pictures sometimes or every now and again a filter that makes it look like my wrinkles don’t stand out so much guilty as charged 🙌🙌but I still look exactly like me !!I have so many beautiful young followers so young they don’t even have wrinkles yet it amazes me that when someone comes up to me and says , I follow on Instagram    🤔I struggle to recognise who these people are ,
GIRLIES!!!!!! What are you doing who have you morphed into ?do you not realise that when you step out from behind your phone the person you look at in the mirror every day is a person we see !! more importantly 
WHY ???!  
You are also beautiful you’re all so worthy ,worthy of attention worthy of being loved ,worthy of being complimented and most importantly  being accepted  
But Why is it that to be accepted  its all about how we look??  not on how we act not and how we look after people not on how we perceive others to be ?? 
I’ll make a promise to you all I will use my Instagram only for good it will be to support you help you guide you and most importantly except you but I can only do so much
When you wake up in the morning you need to look in the mirror and you need to tell that person you’re looking at that you are worthy ,you are beautiful and you are accepted that is my challenge and every day I’ll make sure that I keep beating that same drum until you start hearing it in your head and start feeling in your soul and more importantly start living it and believing it every day !
No one was born with a tag that was printed on there forehead that said 
No matter your colour race size or beliefs 
You matter !! Make every day count 
Don’t wait to your to old to feel your worth because your worth may just be your price tag on your coffin 
What are you waiting for 
           LIVE 💫💫💫💫💫

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