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Well I’m not sure if this is a subject that I was wanting to comment on ,but sometimes I feel having a Good social media platform can sometimes give you the opportunity to voice your opinion,
And I do stress this is only my opinion hopefully it won’t be a debate ,but I shall say how I feel and being that all of my followers are female I feel it is quite appropriate. 
As we all know the hot topic of debate at the present moment is WOMAN!! 
Woman’s right women’s equality women’s safety and let’s put at the top of that list woman’s feelings, 
A very young and perhaps naïve but only in the sense of the word she has not lived in this real world for long enough yet , has placed herself on the world stage ,stripped bare open honest and raw she has told her story of what is happened to her in parliament in an office ,the office that governs ,rules and protects us all, which has obviously not protected her ,it has let her down ,she has been judged bullied and abused at the hands of all of us , us who judge her in innocence or in guilt but at the same time the people she accused of such an awful crime have run for cover seeking the full protection of the parliament in which they work all of whom and now on mental health leave ,
I remember listening to the story and this young woman saying she was sent to Perth on her own in the middle of an election she was suicidal by herself and thousands of miles away from her family I ask where was her protection where was her guidance where were her peers where was her mental health people looking after her??? 
As absolutely horrific with what happened to her by a man I actually feel more devastated that as a woman we could not protect her at the time but we did not stand up for her and protect her at her hour of need either , when she needed to be believed, I have read and heard so many awful comments about what someone wears the colour of their hair the colour of the lipstick getting drunk , all which is a contributing factor  to what might happen to young girls these days ,and it absolutely appals me, yes sometimes I do look at what young girls wear and think darling cover up but never in my wildest dreams would I think that a person deserves to be raped !!!  As women we need to stand up stop bitching stop asking to be treated as equal if we cannot find in our hearts to not criticise not judge nor be there for one another ,women if you want equality start showing it to each other before you demand it from others, 
Empower each other , love each other and support each other , Be brave stand-up be fearless we are all equal no one deserves to be left behind 
Real Woman stand up and be counted 
Brittney Higgins your strength is inspiring.

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